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Martha's Vineyard ViolinLessons

Paper Violin MV is a weekly group violin program for pre-k and kindergarten children. 


SPRING 2016: Follow the creation of the paper violins on Instagram #paperviolinMV or connect to us through facebook


Why "paper" and not a real violin? For young children learning the violin, it is important to have a period of preparation that introduces them to posture, basic technique, performace, ear training and ensemble playing.  It is not necessary to have a real instrument to learn these skills. Using a "paper" violin allows children to explore the instrument and the process of musical instruction without the cost of a real violin or private lessons, or the worry of breaking the instrument. In fact, numerous youth orchestra programs across the globe and most private Suzuki teachers recognize the pedagogical benefits of this approach for young beginners and do not introduce a real instrument for the first months. Once the course is completed, families can decide whether to contine to the next level with a real instrument.


How can a "paper" violin work? The instrument is actually constructed from foam board, wooden dowels, and reinforced cardboard so it has the feel and durability of a real instrument.  While it does not produce a sound, children learn the correct positions, bow motions, and rhythms with it. Paper Violin MV is, however, a performing ensemble, and the songs we learn with our "paper" instruments correlate directly to the first songs they will play when they graduate to a real instrument.  The program cumulates with a real concert!   


Won't the kids be frustrated the instrument doesn't make a sound? The songs and activities are a lot of fun! Paper Violin MV is very similiar to a Music and Me class, only the focus is learning a particular instrument instead of general music. Kids love learning the basic violin skills with other children, and the instruments are colorful and decorative.  Your child can even build and decorate their own instrument at a separate workshop if they chose.  


Pre-constructed "paper" violins are provided for each child for in class use only, instruments do NOT go home with the child. For students who wish to create their own instrument for at home use, a handout on how to build one will be provided, or you may sign up and attend a workshop where all supplies and instruction are provided for additional cost. 


Contact Rebecca to be placed on the waitlist for the next 2016 session!

Paper Violin MV